Exchange & BlockChain & Coin & IOT domain for sale & cooperation

Exchang & BlockChain & Coin & IOT domain for sale cooperation

  • Chains.World  链接世界 ( ALL Business: Exchange B2B B2C  News  TV  Port )
  • Chains.Global  链接全球 ( ALL Busines: Exchange B2B B2C News   TV  Port )
  • Aex.World ( ant exchange 蚂蚁交易所; art exchange 艺术品交易所; air exchange 空中交易所;aviation exchange 航空交易所; auto exchange 汽车交易所; america exchange 美国交易所; arab exchange 阿拉伯交易所…)
  • Iex.World  ( i exchange 智能交易所 我的交易所 ; international exchange 国际交易所.,.)
  • Uex.World  ( union exchange 联盟交易所; United States exchange美国交易所…)
  • Gex.World  (game exchange 游戏交易所; gas exchange 汽油交易所; glass exchange 玻璃交易所; gem exchange 宝石交易所 …)
  • Fex.World  ( fund exchange 基金交易所…)
  • Jex.World (jewelry exchange 珠宝交易所…)
  • Kex.World ( king exchange 国王交易所…)
  • Qex.World  ( quantum  exchange 量子交易所…)
  • ( total bitcoin exchange ; total BTC;  特币 淘币 淘宝 同步链…)
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    P.S Sorry for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

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